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Why Proton is Better


When healthy tissue can be spared, the patients' quality of life during and after treatment is optimized. The child or adult being treated is spared many of the debilitating side effects such as hair loss, nausea, and a lengthy recovery that is associated with conventional radiation or extensive surgery.

prostate cancer treatment About 60 percent of proton patients at Loma Linda have been treated for prostate cancer. Treatment is effective—depending on stage, the cancers do not recur in up to 90% of cases. Patients have significantly reduced side-effects such as incontinence or impotence often associated with other forms of treatment.


Cancer treatment

Proton therapy is the most precise and advanced form of radiation treatment today. It primarily radiates the tumor site, leaving surrounding healthy tissue and organs intact. Conventional x-ray radiation often radiates healthy tissue in its path and surrounding the tumor site. Chemotherapy moves throughout the entire body, unlike radiation and surgery which are considered “site specific” treatments. Find out how Proton Therapy works.

New advances in proton therapy treatment


Although proton therapy is the most advanced form of radiation treatment today, great strides can be made in the technology, improving and expanding treatment possibilities. The photo on the left shows a new robotic arm that will soon be deployed at Loma Linda University Medical Center. Adding funds to the James M. Slater Chair for Proton Research will help move new protocols forward and enable Loma Linda to continue working with companies such as Optivus Technology, Inc. in advancing proton beam therapy treatment.

Proton treatment is covered by numerous health insurance plans throughout the United States; to date, approximately 180 different programs provide health coverage to patients receiving proton treatment. If your insurance company does not cover proton treatment, contact ProtonBoB.

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