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Did you know? Loma Linda encourages participation in any or all of the support groups and scheduled activities for those undergoing proton therapy treatment. There are a number of different groups and activities throughout the week, including potluck dinners Monday and Tuesday evenings; the Lunch Bunch Tuesday; golf at the San Bernardino Golf Course on Wednesday; the Wednesday Night Support Group meeting, the Women’s Group meeting, and the Thursday Restaurant Tour.

For more information contact Carol at 909-558-7368

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Proton Center Renamed

After nearly 17 years and almost 12,000 successfully treated patients, the Proton Treatment Center at Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC), has been renamed for its developer Dr. James Slater. The center is now The James Slater Proton Treatment Center.

proton support groups

Support Group News

Excerpts from BOB Tales newsletter (

MY BOOK: You Can Beat Prostate Cancer —And You Don’t Need Surgery To Do It

You Can Beat Prostate Cancer by Robert Marckini

My new book, You Can Beat Prostate Cancer, is now available on our website, on, and on Amazon. We are currently #5 out of 725 books on prostate disease on Amazon, and the #3 all-time best seller at Lulu Press. That means it’s being discovered and it is being read by lots of recently diagnosed men. Nothing could make me happier.

You can read excerpts from the book as well as read what others have to say about it by clicking on various links on the website. I am more than pleased at the reaction from readers thus far.

My objective in writing the book was to provide a useful tool for newly diagnosed men and their families. I remember the fear, anxiety and confusion I felt when I received the frightening news of my diagnosis. And it got worse as I conducted my research. The more I spoke with doctors and surfed the Internet, the more confused I became.

This book is for anyone who is at risk of prostate cancer, including our sons, brothers, nephews and friends. The book provides—in layman’s terms—much useful information for getting properly diagnosed and taking control of your own treatment decision. The pros and cons of all major treatment options are discussed, including surgery (both standard and laparoscopic), conventional radiation, IMRT, brachytherapy, cryoblation, hormones and watchful waiting.

As you might guess, my bias for proton therapy is evident throughout the book. It’s the perfect book to give a friend who is struggling with a treatment decision. Those of us who have already been treated can benefit from the book as it also covers the steps we should take to prevent a recurrence of our prostate cancer.

Frequently I am asked, “How can I convince my friend that proton theory is the best treatment for his prostate cancer?” My answer now is “Encourage him and his wife to read this book. It’s all there.”

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